Wednesday, 15 February 2012

17 Miracle Matte review

I've been using Bourjois Bio Detox in the shade 52 Vanilla for about a year in a half now and I have to addmit I've been calling it 'The One and Only'. I have used no more than 4 foundations in my life and I am very careful with what I put on my face sice I have sensitive skin.
However, about a week ago I decided I want something with more coverage and I ended up getting the 17 Miracle Matte foundation in the shade Fair. I've only used it twice but I think I am more happy than deisappointed. It has a lovely matte finish and my skin looks very natural with it, it blends nicely and I can definitely feel the 'oil-free' bit, as said on the pacaging. However, in a couple of hours it loses most of the coverege it gives and you may need to reaply. I didn't have any conceler with it so a generouse dose of that might help. I reaplyed it as a second layer to see how it looks and then I got a little disappointed, as it started to look very caky and just layered on top without blending into the skin. Which is where the foundation fails for me, since I have the same problem with my Bio Detox, only reaplying it looks very nice and natural on your skin. The foundation feels oilier, definitely, hiwever, I have never gotten that cake-face effect with it.
Another thing is that it doesn't exactly match my skintone since as most foundations it has a cold pinkish undertone and my skin has a warm undertone (in other words I am a yellowish in my paleness) so I recon in summer when you can see more of my neck and chest it won't look very nice. I think I would give it a 7 out of 10 and am actually quite pleased with it. If you need a light matte foundation and you don't have a lot of imperfections on your skin it would look lovely and I would definitely recomend it. Plus, it has SPF 15 which, combined with the wonderful matte finish it gives makes it a very nice buy for summer.

17 Miracle Matte, Natural Collection LashLenght Mascara, Revlon ColorStay eye shadow in Coffee Bean,
Models Own lip balm in Blackberry

I might do a little post about the mascara as well. I am absolutely amazed with it, since it's only two pounds and I bought it out of boredom, really. However, I've been using the Maybelline Colosal Volume for more than three years and I was sure that it's the perfect one for me. Until this one. Writing this I came to the conclusion I need to experiment more with make-up. Can't wait till the Bourjois Boutique on friday!

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