Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bourjois Boutique

For London Fashion week this year Bourjois made their first Boutique and I was lucky enough to find out a week early and go and check it out. So let me just say it was amazing! I really hope they make it an annual thing because it's definitely worth going to, especially if you're a make-up junkie. Bourjois were always my favourite drugstore brand and now as I had the opportunity to try most of their products I am even more convinced! It was lovely as there were testers of absolutely everything, including mascaras, which for me has always been the hardest thing to experiment with, as you're pretty much buying it blindly, hoping it'll work the way you want it to. All of their eye shadows are extremely pigmented, I don't think there's another drugstore brand with such intense, yet soft as a texture eye shadows. And since I've used them for quite a long time I can reassure you that they do last all day. And yes, 6-7 pounds for a little round pot is not very cheap, but it's totally worth the money not only product, but packaging-wise. I've dropped mine dozens of times and they are still as new, the shadow doesn't break in pieces and you do get an applicator and a mirror inside the pot, which is pretty amazing for the size of it!
After trying most of the eye pencil we got our hands on, me and my friend fell in love with them as well for pretty much the same reasons - they are so soft and easy to work with, yet the colours are amazingly vivid and strong. In fact, I washed my hand 7 times with soap during the day but it still wouldn't wash the scribbles I did testing colours.
I was disappointed to find that they are discontinuing my most favourite Bio Detox foundation, but I spoke to a french lady who was obviously in charge and she suggested to take my name and email me where I can still find it so I can buy as many as I can. Needless to say how nice and considerate was that of her. Thankfully, I tried a generous amount of their new Healthy Mix Serum foundation and I think we could get a long. Although  it feels a bit greasier and shinier, the coverage is very good.
They had body art, hairdressers and make-up artists and the staff were very nice and helpful. I enjoyed it very much and am definitely gonna go the next time they have it!

I apologize for the quality and the lack of focus but  I was only using my phone and it was too crouded for proper photography

Lipstick 11 Rose Innocence

We were alsoe part of the 50 first arrivals who got a free gift bag which was pretty amazing too!

Gift bag!

Gergeous mirror, isn't it?

Shade 92 Gris

Disco ball lip gloss

These were the items we got inside the bag. Well, plus the make-up remover, but I didn't think it deserves a close-up shot really. I bought 5 things and am very excited to try them out!

Healthy balance powder in 52 Vanilla

Effect Smoky in 71 Smoked brown

D'Origine Naturelle Lipstick in 11 Rose Innocence
Trio Smoky eyes in 05 Rose Vintage
Little round pot shade 08

This is pretty much it! I hope it was helpful and again - I highly recommend trying any Bourjois product, they are so exciting!

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