Friday, 22 June 2012

A quick Travel Make-up post

I going on another quick trip and decided to waste some of my packing time by sharing what I'm taking with me in this indescribably hot weather.
I'm going away for just three days with my family but it's mostly gonna be time spent in the car so I'm not taking any serious make-up really. Last week it's been so hot here, the temperatures go up to 35C so I haven't been wearing anything other than a spf on my face, some concealer where I need it and maybe a bit of mascara if I have more important things to do. And let me just say, I live by the sea so in the countryside and the mountains where I'm going it's gonna get even hotter so I can't even imagine having anything make-up related melting on my face.

Literally all the make-up I'm taking, although I doubt I'll get to using most of it

My face

La Roche-Posay Spf 30 matte finish
Garnier BB Cream for Oily to combination skin.
I actually just purchased this today and I'm excited to try it out!
I'll wire a review when I'm back and have a better opinion on it.
Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation which has become my foundation of choice.
I doubt I'll get to using it in this heat but I'm not leaving the house with no proper coverage so there we go
Essence concealer - I'm running out of my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and got this one.
Not a bad illuminating one for under the eyes and works quite well with my spf
And last but not least - the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer itself (or what's left of it)

Eye stuff

From top to bottom:

Bourjouis Smoky Effect in Smoked brown - my top used pencil for daily make-up.
Highly doubt I'll get to using it but better have it with me just in case
A random eyebrow pencil I use for my eyebrows, I don't really need to fill them in so I just use whatever
This one is by Flormar and I love the brush it has
Maybelline The One-by-One Volum' Express mascara - I stole this off my mum and I actually like it a lot.
Great for lenght and volume, it's pretty black and lasts a looong time.
This is my 'all day long dramatic lashes' mascara
Natural Collection Lengthening mascara - I actually bought this without any expectations whatsoever (its two pounds, how much can you expect?) but it turned out pretty good.
It gives a more natural look, no volume, just lenght and it isn't long lasting so I think this is the one I'm gonna end up using

Neutrogena much?

As you can see I'm a massive Neutrogena fan. It's pretty much the best thing that's happened to my skin
and I'm actually afraid of trying anything else, even more expensive brands.
I highly recommend all of them, especially the Rapid Clear Treatment is the best of its kind that I've tried.

This is pretty much all I'm taking and what I'm gonna do now is close this tab and go and pack in nicely inside my bag :)


  1. You've so cool blog! :P

    1. Thank you! :))
      In fact, so do you! :P