Thursday, 28 June 2012

Garnier BB Cream Review

After testing this bad boy in the worst possible for wearing make-up weather I am ready to write a review on it.
I've been wearing it for almost a week now and I've grown to love it ... a lot. It's that thing when you're so excited about buying a new product but it rarely lives up to the excitement. Well, this time it did and I'm happy to be wearing it.
I've been wanting to try out a BB Cream in ages, especially since I'm home and the temperatures go up to 30+C, I'm going to the beach often and basically wearing spf+primer+foundation is just madness. Unfortunately BB Creams have just been introduced to the market here so there isn't a lot to choose from.
To be complitely honest I did try a L'oreal sample (my first time in front of a L'oreal counter in years) and I was quite pleased. However, I've banned their and Maxfactors' products from my life years ago because of their animal cuelty policies so I got even more inspired to find a bloody amazing BB Cream from another brand. Which left me with Maybelline and Garnier to work with.
Maybelline I know I dislike for other than mascaras and I was proven right by the sample of their BB Cream. It gave hardly any coverage but it left my face pinky and very greasy.

The Garnier BB Creams

 First of all, I'm not sure if the one I got is available in the UK, and if not, where else in Europe/USA is it sold. The original Garnier BB Cream felt too greasy on my skin so luckly I saw another one - for Combination to Oly skin (which mine is) and surprisingly it was placed on the Maybelline counter. It also has spf 20 while the normal one has spf 15. 

What I like about it:

At least on my skin it does what it says on the box. 
It's very light and instantly makes your complexion better. 
It lasts very well and after testing it on 40C (no kidding), travelling all day, sun, wind and all that jazz it still looked good. I am now devoted to it.
I look at myself in the mirror every day and still can't understand how it does it. It instantlly makes your skin look healthy, glowy and just even and beautiful even though it doesn't have the highest coverage.
The finish is very natural. I wouldn't say it's dewy but it isn't matte either. I've always been a 'as matte as possible' kind of gal myself, just because I find it looks prettier but I've grown to love the healthy glow this gives.

I always wear it on top of my La Roche-Posay spf just because I need more than the 20spf it provides so I haven't applied it on my bare face till now but I'm very happy with the result as it is.
I also tried mixing it with my Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation for an interview I had as I felt I needed more coverage for the occasion and I was very pleased with the way my face looked. To be completely honest, I don't think I've ever liked my skin so much so I highly recommend to try and mix your BB Cream with a normal foundation. Does wonders!

The only thing that put me off about the BB Cream is that it doesn't blend as easy and it especially stood out to me when I was mixing it with the foundation. After sinking in properly it looked amazing, but even on its own I find it needs a bit more time than my usual face-stuff.
Also, in the meantime you have to be careful what touches your face (phone, camera) cause I guarantee you won't like what you see.
Plus side? Ironically, after sinking in it stays put even after splashing your face with water. I look forward to trying it on the beach.
Another thing - I wouldn't say it does an amazing job at covering blemishes for example - you'd definitely need consealing for especially reddish spots. Neverthelss, BB creams arn't supposed to give a heavy cover-up and this one in partucular hides minor imperfections briliantly so I'm not mad at it for having to carry around a concealer. 

So, to sum it all up!


makes your skin look healthy
it evens-out the skintone
gives a suttle glow
actually is suitable of oilier skins
lasts ages even if face gets wet
makes skin soft and leaves it hydrated
mixes well with other skin products such as foundation or spf creams
mached my skintone perfectly

- - - -

doesn't blend as easy
takes time to sink in and leaves spots in the meantime
doesn't cover-up blemishes briliantly

As I said, I am very excited about using this BB Cream! If you can get your hands on it - get it immediately! It's perfect for summer and hopefully - winter as well.

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  1. You should try the B.B creams made in Asia! They are the best!