Thursday, 19 July 2012

My favourite summer find

Since I haven't had the time to blog these last few weeks I've had enough time to fall in love with Avenes' Thermal water. I randomly found a small 50ml bottle gathering dust in my mums' skincare collection and of course I decided to give it a try. It was just a few spritz after that I was converted and now own about 3 small ones and a huge 300lm bottle!
 And while my boyfriend keeps laughing at me for spending my money on water, I assure you it's the best water you could be putting on your face.
It immediately soothes the skin and calms every irritation. Apparently a lot of people use it for after shaving their legs or waxing and even eczema.
I've been using it for various things like spraying my face after cleansing every night, to treat sunburned skin, whenever I have a spot or my skin has gone red, for mosquito bites, whenever I'm on the beach. It also saved me during a long road trip last week.
It doesn't wipe off your make-up so it's great for refreshing on the go and I personally am convinced that it keeps the skin on my face white and that it closes my pores.
It's also very inexpensive to try! If you're in the UK you can get it for about 3 pounds form Boots (for the 50ml bottle) and I suppose the price in central Europe is about the same range. Probably less if you're lucky enough to live in France!

All in all it's definitely my favourite find for the summer till now and it inspired me to try more from Avenes' and their sensitive skin collection. Hopefully the rest is as good cause I am in the market for a new hydrating night cream.

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