Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Avene cleanse

After falling in love with Avenes' Thermal Water I decided that the rest of their skincare is something I definitely shouldn't miss out on. I've had a bad experience with their cosmetics when I was 15-16 so I've been ignoring them on purpose but since my skin has changed so much since then giving it a second chance seems the right thing to do.
So after less than 10 minutes in the pharmacy I walked out with a gel-cleanser and a no-rinse make-up remover.
I've been using them both for about 15 days now so I can honestly say that my skin loved then and I'm happy to be using them! 

Extremely gentle cleanser

no-rinse tissue-off formula 
sensitive and irritated skin

This is amazing! And what I mean by that is I've never liked the idea of a no-rinse cleanser. I just feel the need to take everything off of my face before going to bed and leaving the possible remains of make-up and a greasy dissolving substance on it just won't do. This is why I'm more of a gel+water-cleanser kinda gal. However, this leaves my skin so soft, hydrated and feeling clean that I have to admit - there have been a few nights I've applied my night moisturiser straight after and went to bed without involving water in the process. It's very gentle to my sensitive skin and it feels very soft on the eyes. I have tried it with heavy make-up and it does a great job. Plus, a little goes a long way. I honestly can't say anything bad about this and would recommend it anytime!

Gentle gel cleanser

rinse-off formula
for normal to combination sensitive skin

As much as I love what it does to my skin it was a bit weird getting used to this cleanser in the beginning. According to the packaging you only need moist fingers to apply it on dry skin, which was new to me - I love splashing water onto my face and I kind of miss it while cleansing. However, it does give better results when applied on dry make-up so I just went with it. That aside, it leaves my pores clean and my skin very soft. I've been using it morning and evening for about two weeks now and I'm positively sure it has made my pores smaller and my skin better looking. It doesn't foam at all, I'd say a lot of the products sinks into the skin but it leaves a nice feeling and it gets rid of make-up quite quick. I'm a bit disappointed as I go through 2-3 spirits a use, which leaves me thinking it won't last a long time but we'll see how that goes. It's a very simple cleanser - easy to wash off your face, does what it says on the bottle and is very soothing to irritated skin. Hopefully I'm wrong for the 'finishing quick' bit because I'd love to buy it again but I'm not sure if it would be worth the money.

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