Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation review

Unfortunately my favourite Bio Detox foundation not only got discontinued but disappeared from drugstores before I could stock up properly. Since then I've been mixing what I have left with the 17 Miracle Matte and planning on getting the Healthy Mix Serum. I tried it at the Bourjois event and was pleased with although it felt dewy on my slightly oily skin. As you can tell, I didn't really get to that. 
I read a lot of mixed reviews on this 123 Perfect foundation but most of he negative ones came from people with more of a dry skin so considering the effect it promises to have I decided to give it a go.
I have to say I have quite bad skin. I don't get a lot of serious break-outs last couple of years but I do have severe scaring and hyperpigmentation mostly on my cheeks. Hence finding a foundation that covers them would mean to wear something very heavy and cakey looking which I tend to ignore and go for a medium but buildable foundation a good amount of concealer instead. This said, I am very impressed with this foundation on some levels and pretty disappointed on others.
The reason I love Bourjois Foundations is mainly the shades they give. I am more of warm undertone so although I am quite pale it's a yellowy kind of pale, which makes it very hard for me to find a matching foundation with all of the light ones looking pink on my skin. I am somewhere in between the shades 51 and 52 but I got the 52 Vanilla since Summer is coming and I am definitely not gonna stay as pale.
The consistency of this foundation is the weirdest thing for me. It's very liquidy when you put it on your hand but then it feels quite powdery on the skin and throughout the day I had the feeling that if I run my fingers on my face some of it will fall off. What I mean by this is that it's very light and it would be perfect for summer. I even went to the gym with it at the end of the day and it didn't move! It gives a beautiful matte finish and it covers pores effortlessly, it actually looked like I'm not wearing any make-up!
I was curious to see how it covers dark circles since it's one of it's main aims of your face according to the packaging. And although I did need concealer on top there's a definite difference to all the other foundations I've tried.
I also had a bit of a dry patch around my chin from over-scrubbing my face (oops!) and I have to say it handled it quite well, it actually hid it which the more oily Bio Detox doesn't!
However, and this is a big one for me. It isn't buildable at all. It builds up from one to two layers and if you have miner imperfections on your skin or slightly bigger pores it will look beautiful on you, but if you're like me and have some spots here and there I wouldn't say it's the best thing. I could see that putting a third layer would be perfect for me and it wouldn't look cakey since it's such a light formula but no matter how much I put on my face it just wouldn't cover more than it had already! It didn't do a brilliant job with covering my scaring and even less with the few spots I currenlt have. It also didn't match my usual Collection Lasting perfection concealer (although it's supposed to be the same shade as my daily Bourjois foundation) and I ended up looking like a dalmatian after concealing.
Luckily for me, I am planning on having a microdermabrasion procedure done in the next couple of weeks and if I get the results I'm hoping for I will be definitely using this foundation from now on.
Another plus about it is the packaging - it's very good quality and it would definitely handle living in a bag and being tossed around.
All in all I am exited about using this foundation and I would definitely recommend it if you're not a cold undertone. However, if you're more on the yellow side I think it's very good for a drugstore buy and it deserves some attention.

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