Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shoes are never enough

So this past month everyone's been talking about Zara. And I didn't get it till I went inside the shop and experienced that instant feeling of 'Oh my god, why don't I have an endless credit card?' The colours and fabrics are just beautiful and the whole store feels like a fairytale.
Fortunately for my bank account the loose-fitted tops that are in trend right now look very unflattering on my figure. Unfortunately for my bank account, Zara also make shoes.
I ended up buying two pairs but there are easily at least three more (on top of my head) I would wear with love. I don't think I've been so infatuated with so many shoes from the same brand before (and clothing brand on top of it!) How did them make such a beautiful collection is beyond me but it's definitely worth checking out.

These are easily the best shoes I've ever bought! I've never been a fan of buying shoes from a non-'shoes only' brand, but these top even expensive brands.
Firstly I loved the colour. This is one of my most favourite shades of blue (and I'm a 'blue everything' kind of gal) I admit - if they had them in a mixed floral pattern I would probably prefer it as something I could combine with clothes easily. However, this doesn't change the fact HOW much I love them and can't wait to wear them! They also come in bright orange and black which would be easier to wear.
What won me over was how incredibly light they are. So light it actually took me 15 minutes of walking around the fitting room with them so I could get used to moving my feet! I loved wedges but most of them weight more than my bag (which is a lot!) and I never end up buying them. But these are amazing! The platform is very easy to walk in and they fit my very high foot arch perfectly. That's pretty much what convinced me to buy them - I have a very high foot arch I've never seen a shoe that matches it. So I expect these to be very comfortable to walk in. Hopefully I'll get to put them on soon!

The second pair I got are these:


I've been looking for a brown or beige pair of ankle boots all this past season and when I saw them I just had to have them! Plus they were only £20 which is amazing for the quality they are. I have issues with shoes as I like to wear heels during the day but these last couple of years everything is at least 5in (12-13cm) which is a lot for me for an everyday shoe. These, however, are 3.9in (9.5cm) which is exactly my type of everyday shoe.
I can't wait to wear both pairs so we're praying for sunshine and no rain <3

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