Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Frizz-Ease Me

Better late than never - after three years in the UK I finally gave in and purchased a couple of John Freidas' Frizz-Ease products. I have to say - I'm pretty impressed.
My hair is naturally curly but I always straighten it while blow-drying since it gets too messy and tangled to handle - that's why I got the shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, the styling gel for curls and the daily miracle treatment.
Both the shampoo and conditioner are lovely - my hair definitely feels clean, it's shiny and soft and my curls are very defined and natural looking. It's also easy to brush through and less frizzy. I honestly can't say anything bad about both products - it's the best duo for curly hair I've tried and I would recommend it to anyone with curly hair.

The other two items I got are more of a styling duo and I'll start with the gel since I'm on a roll with the curling products.
Not a surprise, such as the shampoo and conditioner - best styling product for curls I've tried. And I don't easily rate styling products this high since I strongly dislike having my hair sticky/crispy or anything that will make me want to wash it the day after.
It's a close one, I have to admit, since you have to be very careful how much you use. Anything larger than a pea is 'way too much' in my opinion and you do risk getting dry and crispy ends. I was a bit scared of using it to begin with since it looks like something that would give too much hold but I gave in thanks to all the lovely reviews it had I'm not sorry I did.
And lastly - the spray treatment. This is the product I use the most since I spray it as a heat protectant every time I blow-dry my hair. I'm not really if it's helping with anything else since I only use it on wet hair and very lightly but I am definitely happier with it than with the Tre'Seme protector I had before. It makes my hair very shiny and easy ti brush through. Any extra repair miracles are welcome.

Now I have my eyes on the shampoo and conditioner for brunettes so I'll definitely be getting those. Hopefuly they're at least as good as these!

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