Monday, 4 June 2012

Sunsine nails

I've been wanting a nice milky/sunny yellow polish in a long time and luckily for me I managed to find the perfect one!
It's from a German brand called Essence and I'm pretty sure you can't find them in the UK. Which is a shame since it's one of my favourite highstreet brands, especially for nail polishes. They're incredibly long-lasting, very shiny, come in gorgeous colours and what I like the most - come in small 5ml bottles. I've never in my life gone through a nail polish before it got bad, yet they're usually heavy if you're on the go. These are the perfect size to carry around, use up (hopefully) and are reliable.
This is also my firs time using a glitter on my nails. I've always been a solid 'matte nails, anti-glitter' person but it seems I've spent too much time on tumblr because I ended up getting a very much glittery polish. And God forbid, I actually like it on my yellow nails. I doubt I'll get a lot of use out of it but it's nice to have the choice.
So the shades I got are 95 Wanna be your sunshine and 04 Space Queen and this is the result:

Space Queen
I don't usually use a top coat with these polished but since I put glitter on I used my Rimmel Super Wear Pro top coat. Rimmel nail polished are another love of mine, especially with the new wide brushed they have - highly recommend. 

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