Thursday, 14 June 2012

DIY Outfit of the day

Another outfit of the day, this time mostly diy. I just bleached a pair of denim shorts (cut from old jeans) and I was planning on dying them but I liked them so much I left the dye for another pair! I feel like it has a bit of an 80s' feel to it although personally I hate the 80s' and this is as close as I'm getting to them. The top I printed myself last year and since it's gotten a bit baggy I used a brooch to add some shape to it (and keep it from falling off my chest)

Goofy smile thanks to my boyfriend singing Pinky and the Brain theme song ... seriously.

Top, Shorts, Purple flower - DIY
Earrings, Bracelets - Accessorize
Bag - Gift
Brooch - Charity shop
Ring - Gift


  1. cute outfit! love the shorts! xx

  2. The brooch is so pretty, those mini scissors! Adorable xxx

    1. Thanks :)))
      Isn't it? I wanted to make a similar one myself but when I saw the scisors I was sold, they're so cute! xxx